Glo Bounce Tariff Plan: Free 3OMB, Free Midnight Calls + Calls @5k/sec

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globounceGlo bounce, one of my best glo tariff plans which i actually enjoyed and i want to recommend this plan to young lovers who always want to be in touch with their boo or if you are a heavy glo caller and the person who are calling is also on the glo network. This plan is the best of all other glo tariffs plans in the country.


  1. For every 200 naira recharge you make you get free 3OMB

Get 30MB free on recharge of N200 and above. Valid for 2 days.

Note: when you recharge for eg, you recharge 500 glo gives you just 3omb, or even 1000 recharge glo still gives 3omb. so the trick i do is i buy 200 naira  cards worth of 1000 naira recharge, after recharging i get free 150MB.

  1. After recharging 200 naira you qualify for midnight calls starting from 12am to 5am.

Use N30 between 00:01 and 23:59 and enjoy free onnet calls from 00:00 to 04:59 every day

  1. Peeps Rate: Switch to Bounce and call other Bounce customers at a heavily discounted rate of 9K/s and send SMS to same at N3.

Glo bounce to glo  bounce calls are charged 9k/secs.

  1. Campus zone: Customers who are under the sites classified as campus zone enjoy 9K/s on calls to ALL Glo customers. Customers must opt for this service and it is exclusive to Glo Bounce. Dial 1709# to opt in.
  2. Flat Calling Rate: Call any network at a flat rate. glo to glo calls are 12k/sec while to other network is 12k/sec.

How to Migrate
To start enjoying the Bounce benefit, Dial 1704# now!

For enquiries and advice, we attend swift via  BBM . Add us on BBM:  7A67E351.

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