Full Tutorial: How To Change Imei Of All Android Phones

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How To Change Imei Of All Android Phones – This is a detailed tutorial on how to change any android device imei to blackberry imei or free data imei number, and tweak your android to enjoy lots of imei freebies from Mtn, Etisalat and Airtel.

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Am sure you must have seen various ways and methods to change android imei, But let me assure you that no matter the type of android device, this tutorial is all what you need, because you are going to know how to change your android imei in various ways just following the steps below.

uncle tools


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Lets get started.

Firstly, lets talk about the benefits involved in changing your android phone’s imei to that of a blackberry or other imei.

  • You’ll be able to use Glo Bis On your Android device after Changing Imei.
  • Using the Glo Bis of N1,000 for 3GB for a month.
  • Free data that ranges from 2GB – 3GB from Mtn , Airtel and Etisalat by changing to a specific imei number..

We have different ways of changing android devices imei using various types of applications and tools but one of the most efficient way is using the mobile uncle app.

Download Mobile Uncle Tools from Google play Store Here

Download The English version of Mobile Uncle Tools Here

Lets get started with the steps:


How To Change imei of Android Phones Using Mobile Uncle

 Lets see the compatible android devices that mobile uncle tools works on

  •  Mtk6589 device
  • Mtk6582 device
  •  MTK65XX devices
  • Quad Core Mediatek phones
  • Octa Core Mediatek phones

Requirement For Changing your Android Imei

  • Your Android device must be rooted.

 You can root your android device with kingroot.

  • After successful downloading mobile uncle tools.
  • Install and launch mobile uncle.

If you get pop-up requesting root permissions then,just grant the request and continue below

 First create backup of current IMEI by choosing IMEI Backup Restore (MTK) and then select Backup IMEI to desired path.

  • Tap on Engineer

Mode>>Engineer Mode (MTK) and then swipe your fingers to the left to scroll to right and going to Connectivity Tab.

  • Tap on CDS Information and open

Radio Information >> Phone 1 or Phone 2  (This simply means Sim 1 or Sim 2, whichever you want to change IMEI)

  •  Now you can see a AT+ written at the top, tap the end and depending on your sim,
  • add the line: EGMR=1,7,”NEW SIM 1 IMEI” or EGMR=1,10,”NEW SIM 2 IMEI” and tap on send Command.

 Now you’re done. You just have to restart the phone and then to check your android phone’s new

  • IMEI,dial *#06#.

Congrats,you’ve successfully changed your android phones imei!


How To Change Android Phone Imei to Blackberry Imei

 Firstly, we need to generate a blackberry imei to put inplace of the android imei.

 Download blackberry imei generator Here

  • After downloading,extract the file and double
  • Click on GIPv4.1
  • Click on generate imei. copy down imei.

Now launch mobile uncle tool, open the app, and navigate to Engineer Mode

  •  In the next screen, click on Engineer Mode (MTK)
  •  slide the window to Connectivity just like we did before and then click on CDS Information
  •  After that,Click on Radio Information

 If you are using a dual Sim android phone, Phone 1 represents your Sim 1 and Phone 2 represents your Sim2. So choose the slot you want to swap imei with that of blackberry. Most guys choose sim1 though.

  • After choosing the desired slot, click on the (AT+) type in a word and then clear the word you typed.
  • After clearing it, a dialogue box will
  • Open click on AT+EGMR=1,7,””
  • In between (“”) type in the imei which you generated.
  • Check if the numbers are same and equal

Then, click on SEND AT COMMAND if you receive a message saying AT command sent and successful,you’re successful!

All you have to do now is to reboot your phone that all now you can rock your new imei and browse with it like a blackberry phone. but make sure you backup your previous Imei, I suggest writing it down on a Piece of Paper incase anything goes wrong so that you can quickly change it back.

And that’s it for changing your android phone’s imei


This steps involves another way to change your Android device Imei using the Terminal Emulator App.

How To change Android Device Imei using Terminal Emulator

Firstly, you need to download terminal emulator on your android device.

Download Terminal emulator from Google play store Here


  •  A Rooted Android Device

 Lets get started

How to Change IMEI Number with Terminal Emulator of Android Phone-Tab For Single Sim Device

  • Open Android Terminal Emulator
  • Type SU then press ENTER button to get Superuser(root) permission
  • After that, type this command then
  • press ENTER button echo ?AT +EGMR=1,7,?IMEI_NUMBER?? >/dev/ pttycmd1 or echo AT+EGMR=1*7*IMEI_1 >/dev/ pttycmd1

 That’s it for single sim android phones. Now,for Dual Sim Phones

  • Open android terminal emulator.
  • Type SU and then press ENTER
  • Type following command then Eneter echo ?AT+EGMR=1,7, ?IMEI_NUMBER? ? >/ dev/ pttycmd1

If your phone is dual-sim, type this command then ENTER echo ?AT +EGMR=1,10, ?IMEI_NUMBER? ? >/dev/pttycmd1

Finally, The above steps are 100% tested and working ways to successfully change your android imei.

NOTE: Once you flash or factory resets your device, the imei you changed would restore back to default. And you have to carry out all the process above to change the imei number. All the best guys 😀


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153 thoughts on “Full Tutorial: How To Change Imei Of All Android Phones”

  1. Hello, I tried changing the imei of my sim one but the response I got is “command is not allowed in userbuild” any help

  2. Good day sir, i just tried it and this is th reply i got ‘command not allowed in inbuilt user’ what should i do?

  3. plz help am using infinix hot note when I send command it tells me ,” this command is not allowed in user build” please help. and my phone us rooted as well. what am doing wrong ?? pleas be detail.. pls help

  4. I have successfully changed my IMEI…wanted to do a testrun with the daily BIS(coday)…it failed. the money wasnt even deducted…

  5. this does not work for my samsung s3, mobile uncle does not bring engineering( mtk), pls what should i do, i need to change the imei

  6. boss what about blackberry Q10? pls I need to change its imei to classic BlackBerry imei pls…or is there any other cheat I can use on it? pls I uses glo as my network…d 1k for 3gig isn’t enough cos I wish to be watching matches online without fear of too much data uses….please I await ur respond boss. hala

  7. Hi Larious, im i correct when saying i can change the imei of my samsung galaxy A3 if rooted and using the android terminal emulator?

  8. i have changed imei of my tecno phone. how can i activate the 3GB bundles pliz help me .and give the number to dial so tat i can know the balance of those bundles pliz..

  9. I just got a Snokor Z5000 phone. and I’ve tried many tricks to change the imei, but non is working.
    I want to know if it’s not an mtk android and if it’s not possible?

    I’ve rooted it successfully, but it’s not working. am I missing anything?

    • If the snokor is not an mtk device then it would be nearly impossible to change the imei. go to playstore and download cpu or cpz to know if its an mtk or octa core processor.

  10. Your most welcome, Thanks for always visiting. There is an app that changes the imei, its called Chamelephon app, download it from play store, hope it works for your device.

  11. lariour thanks for the grt job here I have successfully change my imei on my innjoo tablet but I cnt access my crd balance or even make call in the glo sim. if I want to make call it will just use sim 1 ,it doesn’t give me options as wat sim to use. pls wats the way out. thanks

  12. HI Larson’s if I change my Imei. Does this block the carrier from black listing the device? Second if I bought a black listed device could I.now change the Imei and use the phone?

    • Once a device imei is changed, the device cnt be traced or tracked, changing the imei is like using a new device, yes you can change your imei number only on mtk devices.

  13. Hey, pls help. Just upgraded my infinix hot 2 to android 6. I had to do a factory reset, now I can’t change my imei wen I’m in d engineering mode..after passing the CDS and radio information…. It doesn’t show the AT+ command anymore, it just shows the real imei for d two sims

  14. ‘AT Command is sent OK’ was the message I just received when I changed my IMEI Number on my Tecno C8. Thereafter, I inserted my GLO Sim which I was able to check my Data balance using ‘status’ Command.

    Thereafter, I received this message: “Welcome! Your Blackberry 8320 cannot receive any setting. Please visit our web site…” Hence, the phone is not browsing. Please, what should I do?


  15. just bought an Itel 1505 vision. how do I tweak the imei. have tried mobile uncle and MTK engineering tools but it’s not working. I also tried using *#*#83781#*#*

    • You can’t do anything about that sir, once you factory rest or format your device, you repeat the imei change process again. if you want it to be permanent , then do not format your device.

  16. My personal view as lenova vibe p1 mobile user I see adequate quality in terms of specs and Camera work. I am very much OK with this mobile it got reasonable price and great show of performance like other phones which are very costly and i have ordered back cover from latestone.com for 199 bugs

  17. Comment: after tweaking an andriod phone imei number to Blackberry, can I still use ordinary MB to browse on d device?

  18. Please i already did mine but dont want it again because glo network is really disturbing. So, what do i do to change back to normal

  19. hi, thanks for the tutorial… i rooted samsung s3 then the phone gives “not registered on network”. presently, in the Terminal emulator, anytime i type SU the response is”not found”… Please am i missing something.

  20. The title says to change the imei of ALL android devices. But your comments say that neither method works on Samsung devices. That is very misleading.

  21. u0_a158@m0:/ $ su
    922055785354?? >/dev/ pttycmd1 /dev/ pttycmd1
    sh: can’t create /dev/: Is a directory
    1|root@m0:/ # *
    sh: acct: not found 127|root@m0:/ # echo ?AT + EGMR = 1, 7, ? IMEI_NUMBER?? > /dev/ pttycmd1 sh: can’t create /dev/: Is a directory 1|root@m0:/ #rother, my GT- i9300 says like I posted

  22. hello i don’t have engineering mode Apk in my ROM bcz i downloaded it from internet so i can’t use first method
    secondly i am using terminal but its not working for me plz help me by some video
    my device is Honor 3c

    • Oh, sorry about that sir, if the above methods didnt work for you, i recommend you checking your device if it is an Mtk device. If its not, the above process wont work for you.

  23. Hey. After changing the imei number.. can I remove the root? And update the phone? Thx. I really need your help. Email me at my gmail

    • Yes you can unroot the device using the same rooting apps installed, check the settings and click unroot. sometimes it doesnt work so you need to flash install the stock rom for the device to be able to receive latest updates.

  24. Hi I am trying to restore my phones imei, i tried all methods, but did not work. I want to try the Terminal Emulator. Could you please let me know how can i input the > in the following code. (What keys should i use, because i don’t have this key > in my keyboard)

    ?AT +EGMR=1,7,?IMEI_NUMBER?? >/dev/ pttycmd1 or echo AT+EGMR=1*7*IMEI_1 >/dev/ pttycmd1


  25. Hello,
    Just want to be sure.
    I have a older huawei mobile which is network locked, sitting unused in my drawer, because I don’t use the same phone company anymore, practically the mobile can not be used with other networks,

    1- if I manage to change IMEI of my mobile, then I can use it again with any other network?
    2- where do I get a non network locked IMEI number though?

    appreciate your help.

  26. I changed my IMEI but the old number is still in two places on my phone. Is there a way to activate the phone without a technician using the old IMEI number? I want to activate an lg g stylo with Metro pcs that has been blacklisted .


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