MTN BIS On Android Via Openvpn Connect

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1404652933540Mtn Bis has been working flawlessly on both Pc and Android using various third-party applications, Simple Server, Droidvpn, Pd-proxy, and now OpenVpn Connect. Am currently making use of my Mtn Bis subscription on my Samsung galaxy S4 using Openvpn Connect. The joy of actually surfing and downloading is quite awesome, unlike when you subscribe for an Android data plan you have to always watch your Data or turn your Data off when you’re not actively online. Using Mtn Bis on Android has a great feel and calm your nerves when online.

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Let’s get started with the settings and configurations below:

  • Your Android device must be Rooted
  • If you already have Openvpn Connect installed on your android, you don’t need to download another one, for those that don’t have, go to your Play Store and search for “openvpn connect” download and install it.


  • Download Openvpn configuration file Here, and extract the content of the MTNBIS+openVPN config file and copy them to your phone or your Micro sd card.
  • Make use of  Es xplorer  or any zip app to unzip it and extract the config file on your Android
  • Now launch Openvpn Connect,  click on options and select “import”, now choose “import profile from sd card” then locate the config files you have just copied to your device then click on Select to allow Openvpn Connect to save the profile.
  • Subsciribe to any MTN BIS plans, monthly, weekly, or daily, Daily  send “BBCDAY” to 131, costs N100, Weekly N500, send “BBCWEEK”  to 131, Monthly N1,000, send “BBCMONTH” to 131
  • Set your Android phone’s access point to “”
  • Now launch Openvpn Connect  and select any config free openvpn server from the list and connect.


NOTE:  Place “master4code.txt” in ya root phone memory or memory card after extracting the config files. If Openvpn Connect ask for username and password, input username: vpnbook and password: YenaSpe4.



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44 thoughts on “MTN BIS On Android Via Openvpn Connect”

  1. tried it on my phone but the open VPN installer saying binary not installed.
    My phone has been rooted but don’t know why am still getting this message . pls let me know what to do.

  2. Did you install openvpn connect from the play store? there shouldn’t be any error installing openvpn connect, kindly delete the open vpn you installed and download openvpn connect. Thank You!!

  3. Mehn, this is shit, it doesn’t allow ma to browse anymore even with my main credit and MegaBytes once it connects.

  4. hv download openvpn but the thing did not show the space to attach those files I extracted n its saying I should have a profile at openvpn access server. please how can I do that

  5. Pls how can I get Mtnbis+openvpn settings really confused around that aspect cause right now I have downloaded the openvpn and I have trued to install it but I cant ..went to the menu to import that aspect also am confused pls help me out thanks

  6. is it still working cos i tried it now its saying connection timed out.although it didnt ask for user name and password it just show connecting.

  7. My OpenVPN with MTN BIS is no longer working.

    Is yours still working?

    Its was working with Config m4code13 but since 9th Feb 2015 it stopped working?

    Guys any solution for OpenVPN?

  8. Its working perfectly. But the issue is the password. It looks like it changes every week. Can u pls post every new password that comes up. Thnk u.

  9. pls how can i get the password weekly. i went to vpnbooks website but culdnt find the password. pls reply, tanks.

  10. the openvpn stopped working yesterday morning and still isn’t working till now. you have any information regarding that pls

  11. pls after trying to import d config file, its still show extension needed so it couldn’t import successfully.

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