Rock Your MTN BIS On Pc And Android Via Simple Server

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SimpleServerFor Mtn users actively seeking for  free and affordable internet, this article is just what you’ve been looking for. Mtn Bis is presently rocking and working using a third party application called Simple server. Presently have been using my Mtn Bis subscription on my Pc via Simpler server. Below are the settings and configurations to get you rocking your Mtn Bis on pc and also get you grooving unlimited downloads.

UPDATE: HOT: Rock MTN BBLITED On The New Simple Server Version 2.0.2

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Simple Server Settings For Pc

  • Download Simple Server for Pc Here. Extract the downloaded file and open the extracted file folder, click on the ‘Simpler Server.exe and run the application.

Note: The simpler server is already configured in the simple server.ini file.

  • Now load N100 on your Mtn line and send a text message: BBCDAY to 21600
  • After receiving the welcome to Mtn Bis message, Go to setting on your Modem and configure your Apn:, and configure your browser and IDM to port 8080
  • Open your browser and start surfing and downloading.

NOTE: Some Mtn sim are lucky to give up to 10GB with just N1oo, while others would just get to 1GB and Stop.

Simple Server Settings For Android

  • Download Simple Server.apk Here. downloade the file and  use a winrar app or any zip app on your android to open and install simpler server.apk.
  • Go to simple server and configure the settings:
  • Pproxy host:
  • Proxy Port: 8080
  • Injection Method: get
  • Injection querry/url:
  • Injection Host:
  • Injection line: press your enter key 4 times
  • Log leve: debug
  • Close the settings and click  the connect button

Note: You can also try the Mtn Bis monthly plans, but its a risk you are willing to take.


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125 thoughts on “Rock Your MTN BIS On Pc And Android Via Simple Server”

  1. well i need to tell you that you try but for many people who dont know how to configure the browser you need to explain thanks

    • Thanks, Really Appreciate. Its easy to configure your browser, If you make use of Firefox, go to browser option, click on “Network”, also click on ‘settings”, then you see where you can manually insert proxy settings. Also using Google chrome, click on options, locate the settings, now scroll down and select show advance settings, click on network change proxy settings.

    • The only way to use a bold 6 as a modem is to connect your bold 6 to your system using Blackberry desktop manager which allows you make use of your Bis data as a modem on your system. Note: Its only Glo Bis that allows that.

  2. Av tried using modem and blackberry hotspot and av configured my web browser ip port 8080…and also configure the simple server as said but Each time I try browsing it takes me to oracle 10g page…plzz any help

  3. after downloading and configuring my simple server for android and setting the apn, proxy and port i cant still browse. once i start the simple server, it will write simple server started yet i cant browse. pls help me out

  4. Thanks for the info bro, please how do I know the IDM in the settings… is it the HTTP proxy? and if so… should I click on “Use this proxy server for all protocols”

  5. It just said virus detected and stopped downloading. I don’t know if Kaspersky detected it as a virus or if it is indeed a virus. It’s a worm in fact

  6. mine keeps using my credit and the upload and download is at 0MB, do i have to exhaust my credit first before the app will start working

  7. Pls can someone help me the simple server MTN BIS has stopped working. I need confirmation from others to be sure if it not my side here.

  8. i have a acer chrome that dont accept any application.. and how can i use it on it please? am tired of this chrome oooo assist me pls

    • I also know about that, i have experienced that also. Once it disconnects and stop by itself, simply restart the app and stop then start it again to enable it connect and browse, This helps.

    • The reason you got that error was because you dont have java runtime installed on your windows xp..The simple server app runs and works with java. download java runtime latest version and try again.

  9. I believe your website cpanel host doesnt support proxy connection. try and use a normal data subscription to login. Sometimes i Also experience some websites not logging while using the simple server but when i used my data plan subscription it works.

  10. larious friend like that I make me quit server simply equal to the picture above the post . I mean SPLIT LINE listed with \ r \ n \ r \ n repeatedly that you need to enter characters ? please help

  11. in my country for the SimpleAndroidServer work I have to enter host injection Query with https: // and enter injection line 20 times. help me as I do to enter Split Line \ r \ n … in Pc. please friend.

  12. My ss dont even download up to 3gig anymore it gets finish wen i download 3 to 4 movies with 400mb each. Pls help is it my tarrif plan in mtn (truetalk) or my modem.?

    • This issue doesn’t have anything to do with your tariff plan or modem, this is simply network issh or your data have been limited on your sim or might me network issues. try it again.

  13. Pls admin i need reply is the mtn simple server with dis http still working becos mine is nt working pls i need help.

  14. Its seems like the simple server its been blocked cus its not workin perfectly like b4 again, plz lemme knw if its wrkin perfectly wit urs

  15. Thank, i have set all and it work but my data dos’nt last, i only chat on fb and it didnt last up to 1hr d thing jst stp, i tryd all things u said here 2reconnect now, but i subscrib again with another sim, it later stop again, pls help me, what could b d cause? Is it my modem? Is dere anytin i should do dere?

  16. I don check my data ,they said i have 0mb , but d time of expire neva reach, i didnt even download anytin, jst on fb 4 30mins only

  17. Yes oooh, i use bblited and dey gave me 10mb, next time i use bbmidid dey gave me 15mb, so i dnt no what x 2do, do i need 2touch my modem ?

  18. I have try everything u said here now way, de wil jst giv me 10mb for bblited and bbmidid for 15mb, if d mb finish it stop. So i dnt knw wat x 2do. I follow ur comments here no way.

  19. pls mr larious i am getting an error message for my pc, it says, “xcould not connect to server because host machine does not allow”, how can i solve this problem. thanks bro


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