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imagesAirtel subscribers actively seeking free internet data, this article is just what you’ve been waiting for, presently Airtel is giving out free 100 and 200MB depending on your sim lucky and eligibility. I actually just got free 100mb few minutes before writing this article. Let’s get started without wasting any of your time.

The tweak is tested and trusted and it doesn’t require any credit, But its Sim selective.

How to get free Airtel 200 or 100MB.

  • Your Airtel Sim must be on Airtel club 10 Paddi tariff plan, to migrate to Airtel Club 10 paddi, Simply dial *166# to migrate to club 10 paddi.
  • After  successful migration to Airtel Club 10 paddi


  • You now dial the magic codes for 200 and 100MB respectively.
  • Simply dial *141*13*200# to receive free, 200MB. and  Dial *141*13*100# to receive free 100MB
  • After dialing the codes above, you may get an error message saying “Unsuccessful, The service is not allowed on your plan” Kindly ignore the error message and try the codes again until you receive ” You have 100Mb or 200MB left on your data bundle”





  • To check your data balance, Dial *123*10#


  • Now enjoy your free data browsing or downloading.

NOTE: This trick works on some selected Airtel sims, it doesn’t work on all Airtel Sim, so if after trying the codes and it doesn’t work for you, kindly  find another Airtel SIM and try the codes again.
The free Megabytes only last for 7 days.

Kindly enjoy while it last, 100 and 200MB is small though, but its worth the stress. Because there is no feeling like having free data to browse and download with peace of mind, without checking your data.


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