Detailed Information About NYSC Batch C Stream II

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The National Youth Service Corps “NYSC” introduced a way of classifying and grouping prospective Nysc youth corpers in “Batches” either batch A, B, and C, currently we have batches been distributed in Streams, Stream 1 and 2.

Many prospective corps members having received their call up letters were amazed and confused as to what they saw in days of reporting to camp for the orientation training are differentiated, Some are to report to their various orientation camps on the 4th and 5th of November 2014 for registration, While others are to report on the 26th and 27th November 2014, which brings more confusion among prospective corpers.

Those stated on their call up letters to report in their various orientation camps on the 4th of November 2014 are classified as Batch C Stream I. For those stated on their call up letters to report on the 26th November are the Batch C Stream II corps member.

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NOTICE: Prospective Corps Members in Batch C Stream II, And your State of  Deployment is “Adamawa State” But your Orientation Camp is In Benue State, 

Reasons For The Batch C Stream II:

The Batch C stream II arrangement was necessitated by a number of factors among which are :

  • 1. The Ebola national emergency that deprived outstanding Batch B stream II corps member from having a full orientation exercise,
  • 2. Posting to volatile states in Northern Nigeria that are considered unsafe for camping exercise.
  • 3. States which have a high population of corps members. Hence the need to divide them Into ‘streams’ Batch B Stream II corps members who had abridged orientation course from 1st-10th September will take part in the orientation exercise as from 4th November in the states affected.
  • The affected states are Lagos, Osun, Bauchi, Gombe, Adamawa, Yobe, Kano, and Borno. Therefore the batch C of those states that should use the camp 4th to 25th automatically became stream 2 in those states. However some of the original Batch C still made stream 1.

Also those posted to Borno, Yobe, Gombe, Adamawa and other volatile states should not panic. Those posted to these volatile states will hold their orientation exercise in other states believed to be safer. Consequently, they can only make use of the orientation camps after corps members originally posted to the state have camped.
Hence they are automatically going to be in Stream II orientation course which starts by 26th November. After the original camp owners would have finished.

For Batch C stream II orientation camp starts on the 26th November and ends on the 15th of December.

For those who hasn’t received their call up letter either online or through various institutions should exercise patience, A source said the delayed call up letters would be out on the 20th to 23rd November.


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26 thoughts on “Detailed Information About NYSC Batch C Stream II”

  1. pls i have a call up letter for gombe state but was informed that we will be camping in niger state, which wes site do i go to and print my new call up letter for niger state?

  2. You don’t have any worries, Nysc boldy stated those posted to Gombe state are to do their orientation camp in Niger state. Its on Nysc website.
    All because of the Boko haram threat in the states. Its not only those posted to gombe state that are doing their orientation camps in different safe states. So report to Niger state for your orientation camp and Nysc would take care of the rest!!!

  3. For those in Batch c stream 2, according to my source, call up letters would be ready between 20th and 24th, so exercise patience, Also how do you know your name isn’t in the stream 2 list? did u pay the 4k? have u visited your institution to check their lists of batch c stream 2 students?

  4. Well, i can’t give you any hope concerning those names that are blacklisted or uncleared by Nysc, If you have any issues with your nysc registration and your institution have reported the issue to Nysc, exercise patience and wait. You might be lucky to be among those going for stream 2 on the 26th.

  5. pls i havnt got my call up number or leter because i wrongly filed my date of birth which i hav corected, would i still go for dz november stream 2

  6. Well, Franking speaking if by this time you have not been given a call up number, then there is no way your going to join the stream 2 going to camp on the 26th!! But looking on the bright side of hope, you might actually be given both call up Number and letter before 26th, Did you pay the 4k? if No, Have you checked the list of names in stream 2 from your institution? Wishing you all the Best Sir!!

  7. Thanks for the info above. I’m presently waiting to go to camp. I was posted to yobe but to camp at plateau… Which was changed to kogi today(just when I was warming up to the idea). Ps there are Some questions I would like to ask abt stream 2 redeployment based on security reasons; 1. When applying for redeployment will any letters or referals be needed (accepted)? For example a letter of employment frm an organisation in your desired state? 2. I read the dialog(interview) with the ex-corper. I noticed that he still wasn’t given the state he requested for. So, is ther any way to ensure that you get deployed to your desired state? And if so do share with us…

  8. Well, Since your state of deployment is yobe state, you have automatic redeployment after 3 weeks of orientation camp in kogi state, When you get to camp redeployment forms would be given to those seeking redeployment based on security issues, and you can attach your letter of employment, Franking speaking, even with your letter of employment, redeployment to desired state is not guarantee, According to ex-corpers advice, The only way to guarantee desired state of redeployment is either by marital grounds or medical grounds. probably you know someone that can help you runz the redeployment process. Above all if you know “GOD” your redeployment is sure!! Thank You!!!

  9. I know that feel of uncertainty and hopes fading away, All am going to tell you is to exercise patience, Call up letter would be ready between 20th and 24th. Since you paid the 4k, Always check your Nysc dashboard for any updates. Thank You!!!

  10. On my dashboard, it was written, your institution did not send a valid information that a message has been sent to your institution, if rectified, you are likely to be on stream 11, I went to my school immediately the information came to me and we were told to put down our information which i did, i didnt make any mistake during my registration, all the info dat appeared on the onlyn error list, were all correct. please what does this signify, since then no call up, no letter am tired of seeing this please help!

  11. hello! i was posted to adamawa state for batch c,stream 2 and i hav recieved my call up leta 3wks ago to report @ benue state by 26. pls i got anoda text on my phone & email this morning .do i nid 2 go collect anoda call up leta again

  12. hello ! pls i was post to adamawa state for batch c stream 2. am nt on b b m or any pingy pingy on nokia asa .kindly help me wit any latest news or gist wit my email thanks.

  13. pls i hv collected my call up letter and now nysc text me that my call up letter is ready again can someone collect call up letter twice bcos i was posted Yobe and to camp at Plateau but now they change it Kogi pls help

  14. Pls I don’t know where d problem is coming from o. I’ve been to my skul several time. Infact I was sent out of d senate building d last time I went dat d prob lies with NYSC. Till now its still givin me d same error msg, pls wat can u say abt det? Thanks

  15. You don’t need to worry, Nysc sent the Text and mails to all prospective corps members in batch c stream 2 irrespective if you have been given a call up letter before. The message conveyed are for those that hasn’t received their call up letter before. Since your posted to Adamawa but camping in Gboko Benue state, Add this BBM Pin:265BC6F2, For information about Benue camp.

  16. Note, You can’t collect Call-up letter twice, there only be changes on where you do your orientation camp, Don’t worry, your orientation camp is now in kogi state instead of plateau. No worries!!

  17. Am very sorry about your present situation, Since your school has stated the problem is from Nysc, Get in contact with Nysc and rectify the error encountered and pray you can still go with the batch c stream 2. Stay in faith Mercy!!!

  18. pls my deployment state is Lagos. i am to report on 26, but my wedding is on 29. can they allow me to go back ?

  19. Congrats on your wedding, But Nysc would need prove or whatsoever evidence of marriage before they can release you from camp activities, I advice you go to camp with any evidence of your wedding plans, or you Runz your way out, Cause i heard people do leave lagos camp based on settlements or so!! You can also talk with the camp co-ordinator and tender your request!! Wishing you all the best!!!

  20. what is the assurance that stream 11 is really going to camp from 26nov to 15dec,,, remember, the batch B stream 11 didn’t camp they only went to there serious state of deployment to register and they returned after two days,,, i want a confirmation please!!!

  21. what is the assurance that stream 11 is really going to camp from 26nov to 15dec,,, remember, the batch B stream 11 didn’t camp they only went to there various state of deployment to register and they returned after two days,,, i want a confirmation please!!!

  22. l’ve a problem with my date of birth school mistakenly given 15/03/1984 instead of 15/03/1987. l used NECO certificate. I have my original statutory declaration of age that dated 2009. please sir, Oga NYSC
    I your help.

  23. pls stream 2 relocation is said to be out online and peeps are checking …is it original? d site is portal. I have checked dis morning and I saw edo and I applied for it real? thankyou!

  24. please I am a Batch C – Stream II Corp member, i was redeployed on health grounds before the close of the orientation camp, which website am I gonna print my redeplyment letter.

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