How To Print Your NYSC Call Up Letter Without Paying 4K

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NYSC-Camp-1Nysc introduced a new way for a prospective corps member to receive his/her call up letter online without going to various institutions to receive them, Nysc mandated a payment of N4,000, which allows you receive your call up no via mail and also allows you print your call up letter online. But many prospective corps members do not see the need to pay such ridiculous amount to Nysc, If you didn’t pay the mandated N4,000, Your call up No and Letters are sent to various institutions for prospective corps members to receive them.

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NOTICE: Prospective Corps Members in Batch C Stream II, And your State of  Deployment is “Adamawa State” But your Orientation Camp is In Benue State, Kindly Add Me on BBM: 265BC6F2. For Advices, Tips, Latest Info about Benue camp, General Info, and All what you need to bring to camp on the 26th, Finally How to Redeploy after camp.

Am going to share with you a trick which you can actually apply to print and download your Nysc call up letter from Nysc website.

Let’s get started:

  • Simply visit the nysc portal website:
  • Click on “Print call up letter”, input your login details and resume your profile dashboard.
  • Highlight the link on your browser, and change only the “corpHome” to “print” and hit Enter



  • Now you can view and print your Call up letter.

NOTE: This trick can be only be applied to those prospective corps members that has been deployed by Nysc and are in Batch C Stream 2, who patiently waiting for 26th November to report to their various orientation camps in the country.

  • If you are in Batch C Stream 2, and Nysc hasn’t given you your call up letter, do not bother trying this, because you’ve not been deployed yet. Exercise patience, Your call up letter would be ready between 20th and 24th November.
  • Also for those that are able to print and download their call up letter, but the date of reporting to orientation camp is 4th November and not 26th November shouldn’t panic, The call up letter given to you by your institution is the real deal. because the one sent to various institutions is the final copy. so if your call up letter given to you by your school says 26th November then your good to go. Also some call up letters on the Nysc website are not updated, that is why we see 4th, while some are updated to 26th.


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9 thoughts on “How To Print Your NYSC Call Up Letter Without Paying 4K”

  1. pls I do I get or reprint my callup letter …was posted to gombe for on d 4th and orientation will now be in niger 26th…wil nysc sent d new letter to my school bcos I collected d old from my school? thanks

  2. Eunice I’m in the same boat wit u;I’ll be camping in niger state too.Nysc didn’t send anoda call up letter to the various schls as I learnt.I confirmed dt wit my schl authority.we are to report to camp wit the initial call up letter we got or alternatively we can pay the 4k and reprint a new call up letter which will likely bear a new date and camp address.I am going to camp wit the call up letter I got earlier.Nysc is very much in the know in regards to this issue so no nid for any worries.see u in camp.thank you.

  3. Well, there’s a notice on the Nysc website about 2014 Batch ‘C’ Prospective Corps Members stating All 2014 Batch C Prospective Corps Members Deployed to Gombe State are to report to Niger state NYSC Orientation Camp on 26th Nov. 2014. Get in contact with your institution and friends also posted to gombe and be updated on recent development. I feel when you get to Niger camp everything would be resolved.

  4. Same with me i’m also goin to niger camp on 26th with my old call up letter i cant pay dat 4k. My contact 08068551176

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