Top Best Tariff Plans For All Nigerian GSM Networks

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Nigerian NetworksNigerian GSM providers have various tariff plans which differs from different Gsm companies, For average Nigerians seeking cheap and affordable tariff plans that after making comfortable calls with just N200  or less to any network without checking your balance, Any situation prompting you to check your balance after making calls is questionable and you should review your tariff plans.  Today what makes a good GSM network is not only cheap and affordable tariff plans but good network reception across the country. Below I would be talking about the Top best Tariff plans of the four major GSM networks in Nigeria, MTN, Airtel, Glo and Etisalat.

MTN Tariff Plans

You can actually check out all the new MTN tariff plans Here, and make a choice, but I use Smooth Talk+ because it suits my cost effective economic lifestyle. MTN iPulse was newly re-launch and I recommend this plan to every students, youth and Mtn lovers

Benefit of Mtn iPulse

  • 11k/sec to all networks within the Campus Pulsing zone (40k for the first min)
  • SMS @ NGN2 within the campus Pulsing zone
  • Free MTN Academy content for 7 days
  • 90% discount on your favorite callertunez at month
  • Free goody bag social bundle & 10mb on N100 recharge

To Migrate, dial *406#

Glo Tariff Plans

Glo is one of the most reliable and strongest network in the country with extremely cheap and affordable tariff plans. Below are Glo tariff plans that are tested and trusted.

Glo bounce: Glo bounce is actually my favorite, it offers call at 12k/sec to all networks after 40k/sec of 1st minute and you can call other customers on Glo bounce at 5k/secs, it also gives you 30mb free data on every N200 recharge you make.

Simply dial *170*4# to opt in.

Glo Gbam: This package charges you N10 per minute and you are also entitle to daily 5mb. This plan gives you 5MB free browsing every day but attracts daily rental fee of N10.


  • Glo to Glo calls: 18K/sec
  • Glo to others: 18K/s
  •  5 special Numbers (FnF): 5K/sec
  • SMS: Onnet-N4, Offnet-N4 and International N10

Simply dial *100*5*1# to migrate.

Glo Bumpa: This plan actually gives you 200% bonus on any recharge you make, for example, you recharge #1000, you will be given extra #2,000 making #3,000 to call any network @ 50k/sec.

Simply Dial *100*10*1# to opt in.

Glo Ringa Package: This is different from every other Glo packages as it does attract one week rental fee of N250. It charges 11k/sec rate Glo to Glo for one week, when you subscribe for this plan, you will be able to make calls for as less as 11k/sec glo to glo for one good week.

Airtel Tariff Plans

The 2Good Classic package is yet another revolutionary tariff plan from Airtel Nigeria that allows friends, family and business associates on 2Good Classic to make calls at 18k/sec to all networks in Nigeria. You just have to pay N5 daily access charge to enjoy these wonderful rates.


  • 18k/sec rate to all national/domestic destinations with N5 daily access charge.
  • 20k/sec rate to USA, Canada, UK (fixed lines), China and India.
  • 10% for every Easy/Wazobia recharge of N50.00 and above.
  • FREE –

Simply dial *422# to opt in.

Airtel Talk More package is quite cool with amazing bonuses on data, SMS and calls to all networks in Nigeria and 5 top international destinations, You get 200% bonus on every recharge you make.

     Amount            Value Bonus             Validity                  Subscribe
N60 N120 worth of calls, SMS and data 100% bonus 11:59pm(same day)

Dial *234*60# or send 60 to 234

N100 N240 worth of calls, SMS and data 140% bonus 24 hours

Dial *234*100# or send 100 to 234

N150 N360 worth of calls, SMS and data 140% bonus 24 hours

Dial *234*150# or send 150 to 234

N250 N750 worth of calls, SMS and data 200% bonus 1 day

Dial *234*250# or send 250 to 234

N700 N2100 worth of calls, SMS and data 200% bonus 7 days

Dial *234*700# or send 700 to 234

N1500 N4500 worth of calls, SMS and data 200% bonus 15 days

Dial *234*15# or send 15 to 234

N3000 N9000 worth of calls, SMS and data 200% bonus 30 days

Dial *234*30# or send 30 to 234

Etisalat Tariff Plans

Easy Cliq is the best of all Etisalat tariff plans with cheaper call rates, with just the usage of N25 daily, you get to make calls to Easy Cliq numbers at 11k/sec, and calls to other Etisalat lines at 20k/sec, also calls to other networks are at 30k/sec.


  • 10 FREE MMS monthly
  • 1 MB worth of FREE browsing daily
  • Bonus on incoming calls
  • Unlimited SMS
  • Free Night calls from 12am

Simply dial *244*1# to opt in.

Talk zone package is very much the cheapest of all Etisalat plans, With Talk zone, you make calls for as low as 12 kobo per second and it works on all Easy starter and Easycliq lines.


  • 12k/sec to all Etisalat lines
  • No monthly Access Fee
  • Every recharge you make you can 100% bonus to call Etisalat numbers
  • Enjoy up to 70% discount on calls at 12 kobo per second to your family and friends

Simply dial 2448# from your easy starter or easy Cliq lines to opt in.

To deactivate Talkzone and migrate back to:

Easy Cliq: dial 2441#

Easy starter: dial 2442#

Have fun making the right selection of Tariff plans that suit your particular needs.



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  1. Pls I am using Glo sim card, each time I recharge I do receive some data but I can’t use it to browse unless I subscribe. So the one I received will just expire like that.

    • The data given to you is free data based on your recharging your glo line, and the free data can be used via hotspot or simply browsing, But sometimes this doesnt work, call glo customer care and complain, they would fix this issue trust me.

  2. plz m using mtn line but weneva i recharge my airtym wont coz dey will deduct it wit no notification nd i ve been calling dia customer care to complain nd ntn z done


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