Uk Used Phones: Price-List Of All Samsung Phones

Last Updated on October 21st, 2016.

Last Updated On: Oct 21, 2016 @ 2:08 pm

Samsung phones are one of the top android phones on high demands in the android market. And lots of Samsung phone lovers would appreciate to have an idea of how much a uk used Samsung device costs in the market. This article’s aim is to share their latest prices.

Note: The latest prices are updated every week. our price lists are up to date regularly. Below are their

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Image result for samsung note 2

Samsung Galaxy Note 2


Image result for samsung note 3

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 


Samsung Galaxy Note 4

 Samsung Galaxy Note 4 

Samsung Galaxy S2


Image result for samsung s3

Samsung Galaxy S3


Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini


Image result for samsung s4

Samsung Galaxy S4


Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini


Samsung Galaxy S4 Active


Image result for samsung s5

Samsung Galaxy S5


Samsung Galaxy S5 Active


Samsung Galaxy Note 4 EDGE

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 EDGE


Samsung Galaxy S6 (Duos) + Free N5,000 Recharge Card, Car Charger and 2GB Airtel data bundle (Limited Offer)Samsung Galaxy S6 
Samsung Galaxy S6 EDGE (64GB)

Samsung Galaxy S6 EDGE


Samsung Galaxy S6 EDGE PLUS


Image result

Samsung Galaxy Note 5


Samsung Galaxy J5 


Samsung Galaxy J7 


Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10. 1


   Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0


Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 10.1


Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 7.0


Image result for Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 10.1

Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 10.1


Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 7.0


Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1








Image result




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    • Currently the brand new samsung galaxy grand 2 is sold at N46,500, also the brand new of Samsung Galaxy mega is also sold at N49,999. The present uk used price of the Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 is sold at N26,000, just budget N27,000 depends on the seller and area of purchase. Also the Uk used price of Samsung Galaxy Mega is N30,000, but it shouldn’t be more than this. Thank You Ada!!

    • Well am a Samsung lover and i always recommend getting a new phone if you have the money to buy. The Samsung Mega has more features and functions compared to the Samsung Grand 2. I advise you get the Samsung Mega since its within your price range.

    • Presently a 16gb Uk used Samsung galaxy S4 is N44,000. so a 32gb S4 would be quite higher in prices than the 16gb. Also a 16gb Uk used Samsung galaxy S5 is sold at N69,000. So a 32gb would higher in prices.

  1. please whats the current price of a samsung S2 and S3.
    – since u dont sell phones, how can one acces this phones?
    – do the phones come with d basic accesories too
    -I would like to visit the location of the company rather than ordering.

    • Prices are up to date and are all current, Samsung S3 is N28,500 and Samsung S2 is N20,000. Add me up on BBM so i can share you various dealer companies to acquire uk used device, And NO all Uk used phones do no come with any accessories, you only get just the device, other accessories are sold differently.

    • Am glad when people ask such intelligent questions!!, Well franking speaking, the Nigerian mobile phone market is full of both refurbished and Nigerian used phones which are always disguised as Uk Used phone to prospective ignorant customers. Am going to highlight some certain rare features you need to take close note of to know if the device is refurbish or a Uk used. Pay close attention to the back of the device, remove the battery of the phone and look at the panel, if you see some slight change in the written print on the device, or the stickers are not properly placed, some sort of marks that looks like someone has opened the panel and work on it, there are other factors to be considered though!! A uk used phone should be clean and neat always take note!!

  2. Hello bro; I appreciate your site, and I love the work you’re doing here; it’s great, and very beneficial to the Nigerian economy. Please I want to ask, is that MTN-BIS unlimited browsing configuration with modems still working? Cos I tried it sometime and it worked and stopped the next day after I had subscribed N1,000 worth for a month. Pls what could the problem be? And how do we get this solved.
    Please do reply as soon as you can; thank you.

  3. Bro you’re doing a wonderful job right here. I really appreciate your write-ups. Its quite informative and enlightening. You’ve continually equipped us with market prices. In this our present dispensation, without such information, one might end up buying a product twice the price he/she would have bought it if he had knowledge of the product and its market price. Ur blog has been so helpful not jus in choosing the right device but also in making budget as u took time to list these products according to their prices. Wouldn’t u mind listing locations where these devices could be obtained. Who knows, you can even use it to promote businesses globally.

  4. I seriously need that Samsung note 10.1, 2014 edition but the price is a little bit high for London used, what do you say, I need it. Thanks.

  5. please… i would like to know the current price for samsung galaxy s4 screen and touch pad. for both fairly used and new one

  6. pls i need you to recommend a store where i can buy a good Samsung galaxy s2.
    I don’t want to fall victim of refurbished phones. Tnx

    • Am so sorry, i currently don’t have any phone dealer contact, Everything you do in life is a risk, even the life you live is a risk, Just read through my post on how to spot fake uk used phones, android phones… Open your eyes before paying and be smart…

  7. Pls, how much is the current price of galaxy S5 (UK used) as today, and which other cheaper android phone can be chosen in the place of S5? Tnx a lot.

    • Just get the Infinix HotNote Pro, Its far better the the HotNote. The HotNote Pro is just the NotNote senior brother in terms of all functions and features.

    • How cute is your Used Q10 that you prefer an android tab with expensive internet subscriptions. I really feel you know what you want, The samsung tab 3 is really cool and sleek. Make up your mind.

    • The S3 is an average android phone with nice specs and features, The Q10 cant be compared with the S3, they are different phones with different operating system. The s3 and Q10 has to be your choice to choose from.

  8. Hello!! wat a gr8 job ure doing! Keep it up, ur reward is guaranteed. Ehhhmm I bought BBQ10 used last month @ 25k bt as @naw I jst loosed interest. Plz hw can I sell it or swap nd hw much can I sell @naw….thanx

    • Thanks, really appreciate, seems you got a Nigerian used Q10 device, Hope you i dont sell phones, only share prices and advises., Well, it all depends on the seller if hes interested, But it all depends if the device is clean and looking good. Really dont knw how much the buyer would pay?

    • Thanks, Appreciate the motivating comments, Well, its obvious you got a Nigerian used Q10, because currently a uk used Q10 cost 30 to 33k in the market.Am sorry i dont sell or swap phones, only share prices and advises. Am so sure if you see a buyer for it you would sell it lower than the amount you bought it. All the best.

  9. Hello brother, thanks for the numerous info. Pls I would like th know how much a uk used S4 costs nd also if u know any trusted seller at computer village in ikeja. Lastly I wanna know if u know about laptops too. Thanks.

  10. I seriously need Samsung note 10.1, 2014 edition but the price is a little bit high for London used. I need it or would you advise i go for the new one.Thanks.

  11. Please I am a HTC fan. Right now am interested in HTC One a9. Please where can I get a London used HTC One a9 at a very reasonable price. Am in Owerri, and I wud love to get d phone b4 dis week runs out. Tnks.

  12. U r great man, keep it up. I got 40k n I need clean uk used samsung galaxy note 10.1 2014 edition in a perfect condition. Any address where I shuld go? Thx

  13. Please do please i need the names of credible stores where i can get samsung galaxy s4 active original uk used at 27000 naira as you posted

  14. Comment: pls where can I get original samsung galaxy s3 screen? My phone fell from my hand last night d screen went blank it comes on makes sounds the lights on the pad comes on but the screen has stayed blank. Thanks.

    • So sorry about that, that is why i always recommend using a tampered glass protector. You need to see a good phone technician to help you buy and fix the screen.I recommend computer village ikeja lagos.

  15. pls how much is the price for galaxy note4 and galaxy s5 presently. I intend to get either one of dem before the end of the month. pls I need price for the new and used one, thanks alot.

    • Latest prices is recent, But its not always the exact price at the time you want to purchase the device, The prices is for you to have an idea of the price range.

  16. Comment:can u recomend a seller that sells at price u quoted above . please i need a samsung tab 10.1 t afordable price please send it to my mail add adezipaflad @gmail .com

  17. Hi, how are you today? I would like to know what you think about GIONEE MARATHON M5 PLUS VS SAMSUNG GALAXY S6 . The brand new Gionee M5 plus and the uk used samsung s6. I am confused on which to buy. I would need your advice.

  18. Please which one is better ? A used Samsung Galaxy Note 5 or an iPhone 6 plus ? I am a heavy browser !!! Need something that will give me the best experience.

    • Well, the samsung note 5 and the iphone 6 plus are totally different. Firstly the iphone 6 plus is more expensive, since you said you wanted the best browsing experience, i advice you opt for the note 5.

  19. Wnt to buy a phone bt dnt knw wich one to go for btw j7 uk used or new infinix hot s, pls anyone u choose, try and help me include d reasons, tanx

    • Both devices are really great, but i always prefer getting a new phone and the Hot s is really amazing with cool specs and features, it has a big screen, fast processor, 8mp front camera and 13mp rear camera with other cool features.

  20. Hey boss,for shedding light on all nigerians problems concerning mobile phones(Original and fake) nice job and well done.
    Please how do I see an original UK or LONDON used samsung galaxy s4 or j7 mobile phone to buy…
    I’m in Abuja….

  21. Hello Larious, well done with this work. Please how much is UK used Samsung S5, S6 and S6 Edge at Ikeja now? Your urgent reply will be appreciated.

  22. Comment: hi Laz plz i wnt 2 get a fone, my fone was stolen afta writin my final examz in skul, a uk used 4 nw 2 be using in skul 4 my project shud i go 4 samsung j5 or L5 or gionee M5 plz which one do u tink is good n plz state d reasons

    • So sorry about that. You can’t get a uk used for the gionee m5 or the L5 because they are not in the market as uk used but only new devices. the uk used for the samsung j5 is around 50k. Would gladly recommend getting the gionee m5 because of its monster battery life which can lasts for 2 – 4 days or more. you can google for the rest features.

  23. I’m so much in love with the blackberry Q10,but news reaching me here’s that most apps (andriod apps) especially whatsapp wont be available on the device as from 2017….Pls Larious how true can this be,is there a way out for blackberry lovers like myself as i Intend getting this device soon…Thanks bro,your blog is Wow!!!!!

  24. do u do distant delivery? and if yes,then how fast can i get a samsung tab a?n hw much will d tab plus delivery to madonna university elele cost

  25. Comment: Hello Larious. I’m looking to buy a new samsung phone with awesome features and a good picture quality within the price range of 30k-35k. The emphasis is on the camera quality. Which would you recommend? Thank you

    • You can’t a good picture quality samsung device for your budget. 30 – 35k can get a normal low specs samsung. If you want a good picture quality samsung device its within 70k up.

  26. Hello Mr larious,I want to purchase a uk used Samsung phone,which do U recommend?bearing in mind excellent camera quality,sleekness of the phone,great storage space&Ram?
    Budget between 50-60k

    • Currently its all about your money and budget, if your budget didnt meet up with the specs, there is no way forward. Kindly view all the uk used phones here within your budget range. With your budget you can get a uk used samsung s5, j7, j5 , sony xperia z – z2 and others….

  27. Pls hw much is Samsung S6, S6 EDGE AND S6 EDGE PLUS and what makes them differ. I am willing to buy now but confused which one to consider. Many thanks.

  28. Good day bro, I really appreciate your job here, please how much is UK used samsung galaxy A5 and A7 respectively and the difference in them… thanks bro

    • Thanks for visiting, Appreciate. Am sorry the Samsung A5 and A7 doesnt doesnt have a uk used yet. They are not available. The A7 has a bigger battery capacity than the A5 and some little differences.