How To Root Infinix Hot, HotNote, HotNote Pro And Other MTK Android Devices On PC

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rooting infinixRooting infinix android devices and other  mkt android devices is quit very simple and easy using iRoot on Pc. I friend of mine asked me to help her configure the simple server on her android using the bblited daily N70 plan on her infinix hot note android device. I successfully installed and configured the simple server version 2.0.2 on her infinix hot note android device and it worked perfectly but not all apps on the device was working, here is when I installed and configured Autoproxy app which enables all apps work with simple server settings using the bblited daily N70 plan. You can download the simple server version 2.0.2 for android Here and the Autoproxy Here.

After installing the Autoproxy app on her infinix hot note android device, I launched the app and I got an error message stating “ SU rom not found”  This error messages comes up if an android device is not rooted and root permission is not granted on the android device. So I had to root her infinix hot note android device to enable all her apps work with the simple server. She was scared at first, she said rooting her phone might spoil the device, I had to explain what rooting means and the benefit of rooting an android device, even with my detailed explanation she was still scared but I told her to trust me. Finally she said I should root her infinix hot note android device.

Actually rooting your android device is indeed an awesome thing to do, because it allows you be the boss of your android device, you’ve broken the limit placed on the android device by the manufacturers whereby allowing you to have total control over your android device. Rooting your android device wont brick or damage your android device but increase the functions and features of your android device which makes it limitless.

Lets get started with the rooting process of all Infinix device and other Mkt Android devices On PC

NOTE: Please note that you’re doing this at your own risk. I am not responsible for any damage arising from following this tutorial. Also, you may lose your warranty by rooting your device.

  • Rooting all mkt android device on pc using “iRoot” You can download iRoot on Pc Here
  • Download the iRoot software on your pc and install the application on your Pc and leave it open.
  • On your android device, Click phone settings»Developer Options » Switch on USB debugging, If you didnt see the developer options menu on your android settings,

To Enable USB Debugging menu on Android devices.

  • Select Application > Settings
  • In the upper-right corner of your screen, tap More
  • Navigate to the bottom and select About
  • Now, scroll down and tap Build number several times until you see a message that says
  • “Developer mode has been enabled“
  • Tap the Back button and you will see the Developer options menu under System, and select
  • Developer options
  • Check the USB debugging box under Developer options
  • You have successfully enabled USB debugging mode

Now launch and run the iroot application and connect your android device to your Pc, make sure your android device is already enable usb debugging mode.

NOTE: Make sure you are connected to the internet on your Pc, Because the iroot needs internet connectivity to download and install drivers needed for the rooting process.

Once you”ve connected your android device to your Pc, The iroot automatically connects with your android device.

iroot6 iroot


After it downloads and installs drivers needed to root your device, its time for rooting.

iroot4 iroot3 Once rooting process is successful on your android device, you see “root successful”


Before the rooting process is done you would notice your android device going off and restarting, do not panic just wait for the process to be completed.  Meanwhile on your android device during rooting you would see new apps installed like the kingroot, super cleaner and other apps installed during rooting the device.

See snapshots below:

iroot 7

  • To confirm the iroot actually rooted your device, once rooting process is successful, you must see the “king root”app which actually shows your device is rooted and root access is granted on the device.

iroot 8

Congratulations, your Android device is rooted. You can use iRoot to root any Mkt android devices on PC. I used the infinix hotnote for this tutorial. Now the Autoproxy was able to work with the simple server and all apps on her infinix hotnote were working all because i rooted her device.


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