How To Use BB10 IMEI On Androids With Airtel BIS Of N1000 For 3GB

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Am glad to inform you guys about the new development in the world of tips, tricks and affordable browsing. Recently it was discovered the Airtel Blackberry plan of N1000 for 3GB of data can also be used on android devices, Airtel restricted the blackberry plan for only blackberry users and most android users finds subscribing for the plan useless due to the fact it can’t be used on androids and PC.

It’s indeed a pleasure to spread the word about the Airtel Blackberry plan N1000 for 3GB also works on android devices who has rooted and changed their android Imei to BB10 Imei number.

The Airtel blackberry plan N1000 for 3GB doesn’t zap data like the normal Airtel android plans, It charges you normal bandwidth rates. It’s no longer news that the Glo Bis zaps data since its increment from N1000 to N1400 for 3GB, lots of people are complaining when they download a file of 5MB, Glo charges 10MB. It’s sad Glo is using the Glo bis plan as an advantage to make more money from its subscribers.

Lets get started on how to use BB10 Imei on Android with the Airtel Bis N100O For 3GB, But firstly know about all the requirements before you dive in.

  • Blackberry 10 IMEI Number
  • Tweaking the BB10 imei on your Device
  • Airtel BIS N1000 for 3GB  Activation

How To Get BB10 IMEI Number

Am sure you’re wondering how can i get a bb10 imei number to get started right? Not to worry the BB10 Imei number has default 12 digits: 356760051192*** and randomly add any three distinct digits to make it 15 digits which makes up a BB10 Imei = 356760051192903

The site performs Imei validation check, See below snapshot:

imei validation check

  • If the random three digit you choose is correct, it will display IMEI number is valid. But if the random digit is incorrect, you will get IMEI number is not valid!

How To Tweak BB10 Imei On Your Android Device

How To Activate The Airtel BIS plan N1000 for 3GB

  • Firstly, Recharge N1000 on your Airtel Line and dial: *431# to activate 3GB for N1,000
  • Check your bundle balance, by dialing *140#
  • Set your internet connection to the default Airtel APN:

If you have any questions or issues, kindly drop a comment. Thank you.


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  1. About, how are u doing? Nice work u ar doing here. I kinda need help trying to change an itel imei but it’s not accepting there Any other app dat can change my itel imei?

  2. I tweaked my imei n it worked i dont knw what hapend n i had to hard reset my pone i stil hav data so i retweked n start again bit i was unable to use my remaining data n if i chexk balance i see dat i hav data how do i unlock dis


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