Basic Information About Nysc Benue Orientation Camp

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NYSCThis article is actually very important for prospective corps members that are been posted to Gboko orientation camp in benue state, Its always a plus to have inside information about somewhere you’ve never been before and also enabling you to be prepared for the worse situation. The advantage of this article enable corps member to have basic knowledge about various Nysc activities in Benue camp.

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NOTICE: Prospective Corps Members in Batch C Stream II, And your State of  Deployment is “Adamawa State” But your Orientation Camp is In Benue State, Kindly Add Me on. For Advices, Tips, Latest Info about Benue camp, General Info, and All what you need to bring to camp on the 26th, Finally How to Redeploy after camp.

NOTE: Information gathered are from corps members in batch c stream I currently in Benue orientation camp.

The NYSC orientation camp in Benue state is located at Wanunne, Tarka Local Government Area, Kilometer 35 Makurdi Gboko Road, Benue State

Below are Basic Information about Nysc Benue Camp

  • 1. We were all informed to make over 10 – 20 photocopies of our school certificate, statement of results, call up letter, do you actually know during registration process you would only make use of just 6 -10 photocopies, and about taking 18 -20 passport photography, it’s just actually 5 – 6 passport photography you are going to make use of, also you are going to snap a passport photography with your Nysc vest for Nysc ID card, heard it’s about N200.
  • 2. Be ready to slim- fit your Nysc Khaki uniform, price for slim fitting ranges from N1, 500 to N2, 500.
  • 3. Most rooms do not have wall socket and you can’t charge your mobile device, the few rooms that has Socket in the hostels, you are not allowed to make use of them, Trust corpers they always find their way to charge without the soldiers finding out. Price of charging in the Mammi market starts from N50.
  • 4. I advise you get a power bank or an extra battery for blackberry and heavy users of phone.
  • The best network coverage in benue camp is “Glo and Etisalat”, Airtel is fair but Mtn network is terrible.
  • 5. For the guys, if you have the choice to choose hostel, kindly stay clear from Hostel Block B1 and B2, because you are going to share compound with soldiers, they would always disturb your sleep and be the first to wake you up!! 😀
  • 6. The best hostel for Guys are within Block C.
  • 7. Prepare enough money to buy water for all purpose, washing of white shirts or shorts, the price ranges from N100. To buy water to bath is N50 – 100.
  • 8. Buy your bucket and other little things in the mammi market.
  • 9. Also prepare extra cash for feeding, because camp food is like “mende mende” water food, tasteless, but some day’s camp food could be awesome.
  • 10. Money is the in-thing in camp, its better you bring enough cash and your brain along, and for the Guys, don’t be a “MAGA” for the ladies, because most ladies always get that camp Maga boyfriend. Stay smart and don’t fall prey!!
  • 11. No ATM in the camp, But to withdraw you give 10% to someone helping you withdraw outside camp!!
  • 12. Smile and make friends, your friends would determine how Fun or Boring camp would be. I advised you make good friends that are responsible. And abide to the rules of the camp or you get de-camped.


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  1. My sources said the female hostels are ok, most rooms don’t have socket though. Please Note, there’s no comfort in Nysc camp, you just have to survive in the jungle!! Nysc orientation exercise is partly a military training!

  2. Heard from Enugu to benue is approx 4 hours or so, when you get to benue, get a cab to take you to gboko nysc camp. or just ask people around for directions.

  3. Pls how do I go about it,I didn’t get an account detail neither did I receive allowance for December 2019. Batch C, stream 1. I need help

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